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Rewire Your Mind

This section of the road map helps the user eliminate limited beliefs

Breaking Down Richard Bach’s Quote On How We Learn Best

Learning is about wonder, it's about finding out or simply remembering, or being reminded of what we already know. Learning is teaching. It is sharing great ideas.

Simon Sinek on the Importance of Writing Down Your Goals

Simon Sinek reflects on writing down your goals and how it is essential to accomplishing them.

Lonzo Ball Reveals His New Sneakers And The Mindset That Enabled...

In this Slam interview, Lonzo speaks about dreaming big, like every other kid out there, and explains how the norm was never motivating for him.

Rahsaan Roland Kirk Inspired Many Innovators by Demonstrating Unabashed Creativity and...

Rahsaan Roland Kirk was able to play two or three instruments simultaneously and he gained the ability to improvise on stage all while being blind from age 2.

JRR Tolkien – The Inertia of a Curious Life

JRR Tolkien shows us that one can live a life full of joy and connection with romance and family, and still produce works of creativity that change the world.

Will Smith on the Anticipation of Fear

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZ-O3WEMtAE]Will Smith speaks about the anticipation of fear, how senseless that anticipation is, and the resulting bliss that occurs once you face your...

Russell Westbrook’s Philosophy: Why Not?

In this post game interview, Russell Westbrook shares his thoughts of having a limitless mindset and stretching his own perception of what he believes is possible.

How Nicolas Steno’s Questioning Mindset Shaped Modern Geology

Find out how Nicolas Steno remarkably followed his curiosity and challenged the accepted ways to make major breakthrough's. Learn the gift of questioning.