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Rewire Your Mind

This section of the road map helps the user eliminate limited beliefs

The Mind of Michael Jordan – The Psychology Of An Obsessed...

Analyzing the mind of the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan and how he was absolutely obsessed with greatness.

Mary J Blige’s Commencement Speech At The 2010 Disney Dreamer’s Academy

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0AcksYLPGE?rel=0]This is Mary J Blige's inspiring commencement speech back in 2010 where she uplifted the kids in attendance that we have power to do...

Leonardo DiCaprio Shares His Deep Thoughts On Money

Leonardo DiCaprio shares his opinions on addiction to money, balance, greed and then also on the power of thinking about others and giving back.

Jack Dorsey’s Talks About Role Model’s And Always Asking The ‘Why’...

Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey talks about the importance of role models and how he is inspired by artist Robert Irwin for always asking the "why" question.

Bartleby Gaines’ “Who Cares About Your Approval” Speech From Accepted

In this scene from 2006 film Accepted, Bartleby Gaines gives a thrilling speech about some of the 'truths' about society, being accepted and mostly about school.

Fate – Run After Your Destiny

Run after your destiny is a video created by Forever Motivation which features clips from Olympic history tied in with a powerful message by TD Jakes.

Simone Manuel Gives Advice To Her 11 Year Old Self in...

Simone Manuel reflects on her swimming career and offers some advice to an 11 year old self about not putting so much pressure on yourself and working really hard.

Adidas Commercial Impossible Is Nothing (Muhammad Ali)

This classic Adidas Impossible Is Nothing ad gets the mind fueled to dream big, to fear nothing and to not pay attention to the critics.