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Rewire Your Mind

This section of the road map helps the user eliminate limited beliefs

Changing Perspectives: Matthew McConaughey’s Reinvention

“Just keep livin” is a motto Matthew McConaughey lives by which has led to a sort of self-renaissance, and ability to adjust when necessary.

Will Smith’s Wisdom On Tavis Smiley Interview

Travis Smiley interviews the always motivating Will Smith who reveals what he uses to motivate himself and the single most important reason he has conquered so much in his journey; 'Never being outworked'...

Tupac Prison Interview “Listen to the words”

In this rare footage, Tupac Shakur encourages people to wake up and actually listen to the words of music rather than just beat their head to fake music.

Unleash Your Inner Rock God: Gene Simmons Talks Success And Education...

In this interview by FOX News, Gene Simmons talks about his new book, Me, Inc. A guide to building an army of one, unleashing your inner ROCK GOD, and how to win in life and business.

The Shakespearean Model For Success

The Shakespearean model is based around creating something has never been, weird or wacky, beautiful or delicate, however it feels and share that with everyone.

Breaking Down Muhammad Ali’s Quote “Champions Aren’t Made In Gyms”

Champions aren't made in the trenches, at gyms, or in boardrooms, they are made from that thing deep, deep, inside.

Rick Ross Samples Napoleon Hill In Rich Is Gangster Video

One may come to believe Ross' whole album was inspired by Nap Hill's book the Law of Success Chapter 1 "The Concept of the Mastermind." Although this video for the hit song Rich is Gangsta by Rick Ross is not the official video, it’s almost a perfect video to help one visualize a rich lifestyle, while having Napoleon Hill talking about the Mastermind Group, a chapter stressed upon in his best-selling book (which became a major staple in the personal development industry) The Law of Success. Hence, MMG (Maybach Music Group) calls the video Rich is Gangsta “visualization” reel.

Lion King Scene: Rafiki On The Past Can Hurt

Rafiki from the Lion King is wise beyond years; In this scene, he explains how the past can hurt, but you can either run from it, or, learn from it.