The Top 10 Most Inspiring Future (rapper) Quotes

Future is quickly rising in the world of hip hop and his flow, mindset and voice give him a unique edge over his competition. This list features the top 10 most inspiring quotes by the rapper and singer Future that will make you appreciate his authenticity and hustle.


“Everyone’s dream can come true if you just stick to it and work hard.” – Future


“I hustle the first to the first.” – Future

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“I don’t write hits for myself, or for other artists, or to just be writing it. I write it because I was born to do this. I was given this gift and I’m making the most of my opportunity.” – Future


“I always hung around older dudes. I feel like I was more wise and I just had more knowledge of what was going on.” – Future

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“My die-hard fans who came out – I call them my die-hard fans because any time a fan pays to see you, they have to love what you’re doing, respect the craft.” – Future


“Sometimes it’s hard to open up about your personal life, your relationship because you always want the music to be in the forefront. You want the music to be the biggest carrier of everything that you represent.” – Future

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“I had to maximize my craft, get up off my ass.” – Future


“You got people that surround you, they gone try they best to down you, keep them squares up out your circle.” – Future

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“You got to live and learn and make mistake to be a man.” – Future


“You know that I can make hits. You know I can do all these rap records. So, I’m going to start opening up and letting you know my struggles.” Future

Bonus Future (rapper) Quote:

“If you want to play piano, you just gotta love piano, and I loved the way that music sounded from the beginning. Always did – everything about an instrument I loved.” – Future

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