Ideas Are Useless Without Execution

“Screw It Just Do It” Sir Richard Branson


You’ve probably been in the situation where you’ve thought of an amazing idea, you know the whole world would want to buy into it, you’re so excited about this idea, a couple weeks go by, and all of a sudden you see YOUR IDEA on television by some big corporation…What happened? Well, guess what, instead of pondering on the idea, someone else executed it! Point blank, an idea is completely useless if you do nothing about it.


Stop The Excuses!

The first thing most people think when they get an idea, is why they aren’t able to do it right now. They come up with excuses such as “It would be awesome but I don’t have the resources,” or “I’m too busy to start something new.” There are probably millions of reasons why you aren’t able to execute your idea, but it’s up to you if you want these reasons to stop you from turning it into a reality or not. All you really need is one good reason as to why you are able to create it right now, and you can begin instantly. These excuses are fake, you just need to start and slowly but surely the excuses will no longer exist.


When You Get An Idea, Act On It Instantly

Helen Keller once said “ideas without action are worthless” meaning an idea alone won’t do anything for you, but making that idea a reality makes it worthy. The next time you come up with an idea that you believe would be a success, don’t ponder on it, in fact, don’t even think just take action towards it instantly. Leave the excuses behind, and begin right where you stand. Start to think, “What can I do literally right now to help manifest this idea” and begin. It can even be something as simple as creating a business plan to see if your idea will be profitable. It’s all about building momentum, when you start to take action, the other areas that were in the grey begin to clear up, the more momentum you build the easier it will get. DO NOT be one of those people that are “waiting for the right time” because the time is always right for you to take action towards your dreams.


If An Idea Is Already Invented, It’s Not Over

Imagine if Steve Jobs said, “Oh, user-friendly software was already invented by Microsoft?” and gave up creating MAC OS, Apple computers wouldn’t exist. One of the largest companies in the world would not be around, and the only reason it is around is because Steve Jobs had a vision of a company regardless of his competition. When you come up with an idea and see that it already exists, there is a very big chance that the idea doesn’t exist the exact way you pictured it. So instead of freaking out and quitting, see how you can expand on the idea that already exists. Some of the most successful companies in the world today are not based on original ideas, but rather built off of an idea that already existed. Remember, there is not just one cell phone Company, there are many of them with different variations. An entrepreneurial mindset is solution oriented, and things like a little competition won’t stop that type of person from executing their idea.


Plain and simple, when you get an idea, ACT. Act on it when your full of passion, don’t let that passion reside because once it does, it most likely won’t come back. Don’t let the negative voices inside your head demotivate you from moving forward, and last of all, DON’T get discouraged by any competition. Follow these simple rules and you will be well on your way to turning that idea into a reality.

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