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Videos to get the mind and body stimulated.

D-Rose & 2Pac: Just A Kid From Chicago

A powerade commercial featuring Tupac as he speaks from his poem 'rose in the concrete'. Derrick Rose discusses how he wants to push positivity and inspire kids.

Trust Your Power Duracell Commercial Featuring 49ers’ Patrick Willis

A Duracell commercial discussing the importance of the power inside by telling the story of all-pro linebacker for the San Francisco 49ers Patrick Willis.

Michael Jordan Interview – How Important is Practice?

"Work ethic eliminates fear." Michael Jordan shares his opinions on the importance of practice and rigorous work ethic. He plays in practice like its the game.

Russell Westbrook’s Philosophy: Why Not?

In this post game interview, Russell Westbrook shares his thoughts of having a limitless mindset and stretching his own perception of what he believes is possible.

The Inside Job of How Sonya Curry Raised Stephen Curry

Steph Curry's mother Sonya shares her story of how she raised the NBA MVP while her husband was playing professionally. She was his mother and supporter.

Minnesota Wild’s Charlie Coyle Makes Kids Day:

Minnesota Wild’s Charlie Coyle Makes Kids Day: [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-FNZyVzoJA] It’s moments like these that inspire a young kid to become something great, who knows. This kid...

Serena Williams Sportsperson Of The Year Speech About Self Belief

Serena Williams gives a profound speech about the perseverance and self belief needed to get through so much failure, hatred, and adversity to capture goals.

Conor McGregor: Take Inspiration, Rise Up

With two months left until the greatest fight in combat sports history, Connor McGregor on the attitude and mindset of a successful person.