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Athlete Empowerment

Videos to get the mind and body stimulated.

Simone Biles: All About Finding Balance

This is the story behind Olympic winner Simone Biles and how her deep seeded passion, twist of fate and a family change was the recipe for excellence.

Rio Olympics – Inspired By Greatness

A commercial that features different athletes discussing their stories, the aches and pains that come with dreams, and their recipes for achieving greatness.

Usain Bolt’s Top 10 Rules For Success

Evan Carmichael breaks down the fastest man on the planet, Usain Bolt's 10 rules for success. From being confident, and having heroes, to learning how to lose.

Michael Phelps – It’s What You Do In The Dark

This Under Armour commercial revolves around Michael Phelps as he trains for his last Olympics. Legacies are built over a lifetime of goals.


Bryce Harper shares his insight on baseball and life being a numbers game of stats, but that ultimately no number sounds as good as the crack of the bat.

Under Armour Commercial Ft. Michael Phelps – EARN YOUR ARMOUR

Olympic Swimmer Michael Phelps uncovers his training methodology and his winning mind space regarding goal setting that guarantees him to reach victory every single time.

Jeremy Bloom: Being Obsessed With Winning Creates The Opposite Effect

Entrepreneur, Olympian, Gold medalist skier and NFL player Jeremy Bloom shares his view of success which he claims has evolved tremendously over the years.

How Dwayne Johnson Found Success In Failures

Dwayne Johnson talks about how he got cut from the NFL, was overwhelmed with depression and had only 7$ in his pocket having to move back in with his parents.