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Athlete Empowerment

Videos to get the mind and body stimulated.

Rio Olympics – Inspired By Greatness

A commercial that features different athletes discussing their stories, the aches and pains that come with dreams, and their recipes for achieving greatness.

Steven Stamkos Powerade Commercial ‘Just A Kid’

This inspiring commercial from Powerade features NHL hockey star Steven Stamkos and his quick come up story from Markham Ontario.

Under Armour Commercial Ft. Michael Phelps – EARN YOUR ARMOUR

Olympic Swimmer Michael Phelps uncovers his training methodology and his winning mind space regarding goal setting that guarantees him to reach victory every single time.

Remembering The Late Gordie Howe

An emotional tribute to late Gordie Howe who died at age 88 as many greats from Scotty Bowman to Wayne Gretzky express their gratitude to the father of hockey.

Mason Plumlee’s Incredible Journey To The NBA

Mason Plumlee of the Portland Trailblazer's reveals his journey to the top and all the obstacles he had to overcome to get to the big leagues of the NBA.

Tom Brady: They Doubted Me From The Beginning

Tom Brady is living proof that struggles do not need to define or stop us an if we evolve, we get to see the other side, and it's so much brighter.

Peyton Manning’s Emotional Retirement Speech About Faith, Preparation And Football

Peyton Manning gave a final speech to the game he loved, and spoke about key people that empowered him, his faith & preparation and special moments in his career.

Sidney Crosby on Rising Up to the Occasion

Sidney Crosby, now a three time Stanley Cup Champion, talks about his life off of the ice, his love for the chase of the...