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Kendrick Lamar And Rick Rubin Have an Epic Conversation About The...

GQ conducted an interview between Hip Hop king Kendrick Lamar and legendary producer Rick Ruben and the result was an enlightening outcome. Kendrick discussed...

Lupe Fiasco – Superstar

'Superstar' is a jam by Lupe Fiasco featuring Matthew Santos: "If you are what you say you are, a superstar, then have no fear."

Tyga’s Motivational Speech

Tyga spits some heavy truth about the complicated journey of life and gives it a much simpler solution to how to live it.

Chris Brown “Snipes” Motivational Video About Creativity

This Snipes commercial features Chris Brown as he discredits money and power and explains how life is about creativity and how it turns pain into something beautiful.

Aaliyah Talks About Her Best Lessons Learned

Aaliyah combines experience, knowledge and wisdom to give her life lessons learned over the years that are extremely important for any endeavour.

G-Eazy On Finding What You Love To Do And Finding Your...

G-Eazy gives a beautiful message about how to enjoy life the most by doing exactly what you love and making it a reality.

The Game – Kimbo Slice Was A Black Hero Who Made...

In this short interview The Game talks about Kimbo Slice being a black hero who made something from nothing and that we should make the most of our short time.

Akon Talks About His 10 Year Career Plan And His Struggles

Akon's exclusive interview where he shares his 10 year game plan where he was aiming extremely high, some of the struggles he endured and destiny.

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