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Wiz Khalifa Inspiring Interview with CNN

Wiz Khalifa gives an inspiring talk on how he became successful, as he states he always envisioned himself being successful, and how he became known as "Young Wiz" for being wise beyond his years.

Kanye West Talks Idea Inspiration, Creativity, Dreamers

Kanye West talks about his knowledge and drive of fashion, creativity, his idea inspiration, failures and more.

Eminem On Proving The Doubters Wrong

Eminem talks about his come up story of the first time he went on stage and got booed, and how his main source of inspiration was proving the doubters wrong.

Tupac on Empathy Changing Societal Norms

Tupac, one of the voices of the hip hop revolution, opens up about how we should all help one another and how empathy can...

DJ Khaled is an Inspiration to Us All

DJ Khaled talks to his snapchat fan base about some powerful affirmations and gives some powerful guidance about how he overcame obstacles and how you can too.

T Pain Expresses Extreme Passion For Music

T Pain expresses his extreme passion for music, and his hardships in new documentary Bigger Than Pain

Drake Before Fame: MTV Cribs Unscripted

Drake shows us the hundreds of lyrics he wrote as a kid, and ironically states he has them for nostalgia purposes and will probably never use them.

Why Travis Scott Is Nowhere Near Your Typical Hip Hop Artist

Travis Scott grew up in a middle class family. However, his parents didn't support his dream of a rap career find out what made him pursue it anyways.