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Becoming: Nas’ Purpose To Inspire

Nas tells Intel Becoming that he has always wanted to be a role model by inspiring people by being inspired by others.

50 Cent on Tavis Smiley (Convince Yourself)

50 cent talks about his work ethic, how he's able to stay self motivated and where his business acumen comes from. 50 Cent states he had to feed off his own energy, motivate yourself, into convincing yourself that you're gonna make it. He states that you can kind of woo yourself into inspiring your own self.

Jay-Z On His Grind, The Law of Attraction, And Modeling The...

Jay-Z clips that narrow in on some of his wisest words where he talks about his work ethic, being emotionally detached and mastering other successful people.

Russell Simmons: Do What You Love

  Russell Simmons talks about the fact that he doesn't do anything unless he absolutely loves it with Inc.com. He states he literally can't sell...

50 Cent Talks About Fears

50 Cent elaborates on his book "The 50th Law" and the many different aspects of fear that he has learned to deal with - from the rough streets he grew up in to the corporate business world he learned to evolve in.