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Drake On Goals, Success, And Being Number 1

Drake talks about his goals of making millions, being number one, always striving to grow, and being addicted to success

Kendrick Lamar Inspirational Commercial

Rap genius Kendrick Lamar does a commercial video with Reebok as he discusses his inspiration and story of getting out of the ghetto by pursuing his gift for music.

50 Cent on Tavis Smiley (Convince Yourself)

50 cent talks about his work ethic, how he's able to stay self motivated and where his business acumen comes from. 50 Cent states he had to feed off his own energy, motivate yourself, into convincing yourself that you're gonna make it. He states that you can kind of woo yourself into inspiring your own self.

Kevin Gates: Why Accept Failure When Success Is Free

Hip Hopper Kevin Gates talks some honest wisdom about life and what he's learned over the years. He has an intelligent conversation with The Breakfast Club and admits that growth and changing are quintessential for success.

J Cole Tavis Smiley Interview: Balancing Dream & College, Happiness &...

Rapper J Cole seems to be following the footsteps of some of the greats, releasing hit album after hit album. In this video, Cole...

Drake Before Fame: MTV Cribs Unscripted

Drake shows us the hundreds of lyrics he wrote as a kid, and ironically states he has them for nostalgia purposes and will probably never use them.

Chris Brown Inspires Fan

A very powerful letter is written by a fan to Chris Brown who shares some very enlightening insight. He describes how he was inspired by Chris' ability to self learn music and how he was able to bounce back from hitting rock bottom.

Drake Rapping As A Kid

Drizzy Drake was clearly 'born to be', after seeing this throw back video clip of him rapping an old Fugees track. He must have been only about 10 or 11 years old and from the enthusiasm in his voice to the facial expression and the beaming eyes, it is clear that Drake was and clearly still is so in love with his one true passion.