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Drake Before Fame: MTV Cribs Unscripted

Drake shows us the hundreds of lyrics he wrote as a kid, and ironically states he has them for nostalgia purposes and will probably never use them.

MGK (Machine Gun Kelly) Inspires Fan To Walk For The First...

MGK Machine Gun Kelly inspires a fan to walk out of his wheel chair for the first time. This video is awe-inspiring, showing us the power not only of music, but of how humans can inspire one another in incomprehensible ways!

50 Cent Talks About Fears

50 Cent elaborates on his book "The 50th Law" and the many different aspects of fear that he has learned to deal with - from the rough streets he grew up in to the corporate business world he learned to evolve in.

The Game – Kimbo Slice Was A Black Hero Who Made...

In this short interview The Game talks about Kimbo Slice being a black hero who made something from nothing and that we should make the most of our short time.

Tupac Prison Interview “Listen to the words”

In this rare footage, Tupac Shakur encourages people to wake up and actually listen to the words of music rather than just beat their head to fake music.

Drake – Success Secrets

VYBO (Visualize Yourself Beyond Ordinary) created this video of combined clips of Drake giving profound success secrets, advice and wisdom. A must watch.

Ice Cube: Don’t Hold Yourself Back

Ice Cube is a legend who continues to test his limits and go past what society, his mind and his fears allow of him. He gives his low down words of wisdom that are pretty liberating and true.

Kanye West Talks Idea Inspiration, Creativity, Dreamers

Kanye West talks about his knowledge and drive of fashion, creativity, his idea inspiration, failures and more.