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Ice Cube: Don’t Hold Yourself Back

Ice Cube is a legend who continues to test his limits and go past what society, his mind and his fears allow of him. He gives his low down words of wisdom that are pretty liberating and true.

Kanye West Talks Idea Inspiration, Creativity, Dreamers

Kanye West talks about his knowledge and drive of fashion, creativity, his idea inspiration, failures and more.

Jay Z Believe In Your Genius Level Talent (Concert Speech)

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wYSdPvm7vUc]  A great video uploaded by Evan Carmichael, Jay Z expressing his mentality at a concert, that you MUST believe in your talent to...

50 Cent Talks About Fears

50 Cent elaborates on his book "The 50th Law" and the many different aspects of fear that he has learned to deal with - from the rough streets he grew up in to the corporate business world he learned to evolve in.

T Pain Expresses Extreme Passion For Music

T Pain expresses his extreme passion for music, and his hardships in new documentary Bigger Than Pain

Iggy Azalea MTV Voices ‘Come Up’ Interview

Iggy Azalea sat down with MTV Voices to discuss her come up and how she manifested her dreams to reality. It was her ambitious nature, drive and faith that subsided.

Alicia Keys and Finding Herself

Alicia Keys discusses a time in her early career where her life was all over the place and a trip alone to Egypt would help solve everything and put it all back into perspective.

Big Sean Talks Meditation

https://youtu.be/udJAUWntw1Y Big Sean talks meditation, and how he utilizes it before he goes in a rap session. Big Sean seems to be a major fan...