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Inspirational Interviews from Famous Successful People

Hans Zimmer – Break Rules To Move Forward

This trailer for Masterclass features famous composer Hans Zimmer as he breaks down the creative process.

Shakira Youtube Interview About A Better World

Shakira answers questions from her fans on everything from education, world peace, to believing in human nature.

Leonardo DiCaprio Shares His Deep Thoughts On Money

Leonardo DiCaprio shares his opinions on addiction to money, balance, greed and then also on the power of thinking about others and giving back.

Lessons From Patron Founder John Paul DeJoria

John Paul DeJoria gives critical startup lessons about working 7 days a week really hard, overcome that rejection and become the best ever in your category. 

Ellie Goulding – Top Tips For Making It In Music

Ellie Goulding gives some quick input about her success tips for entering the music industry and stresses the importance of not chasing fame but loving music.

DJ Khaled – Never Surrender

DJ Khaled sits with Ellen to talk about never giving in or surrendering to failure but to keep striving with positivity and belief in our dreams.

Jim Carrey – I Believe We Are Creators

Jim Carrey, who is more of a life guru than a comedian these days sheds some light about humans being creators and worthy of having incredible capabilities.

Russell Simmons: Success Through Stillness

Russell Simmons shares advice on meditation and guides people in this exclusive google interview to use stillness as a powerful tool to access their potential.

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