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Inspirational Interviews from Famous Successful People

Calvin Harris: Supermarkets to Stardom

House DJ Calvin Harris went through it all to capture his dreams. From fish factories to Safeway, he saved up enough to go to London, only to run out of money and return to Scotland. Eventually he pursued music for fun rather than focusing on a deal, and the rest was history...

Robin Sharma: 3 Habits Of Happiness

Success guru Robin Sharma, who wrote the bestselling book The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, discusses some of the main components of happiness.

Matt Groening’s Passion For Cartoons

Creator of the Simpsons, Matt Groening, elaborates in this documentary on why he built the empire of the show and what his real motivation behind it all is. From the expression and enthusiasm in his voice alone, it is very obvious that he has a deep calling towards cartoons, but we'll let him tell you himself...

Steve Aoki: Hardest Working DJ

World Famous House DJ Steve Aoki sits down in a one of a kind interview with Forbes. He is a modern day marvel who brings some serious work ethic to everything he pursues, which is everything he enjoys

Kobe Bryant Meditates Every Day!

NBA Superstar Kobe Bryant talks about how he meditates every day, that it's a way for him to feel that he can control the way he reacts to the environment around him.

Aaron Rodgers Talks About ‘Motivation’

Green Bay Packers' insanely great quarterback Aaron Rodgers discusses his motivation in this video. He really believes that having role models and people to look up to is what drives him to become better. He explains his aspirations growing up and what drove him.

LMFAO Credit The Law of Attraction (The Secret) For Success

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VICZ_gXdHRo]  LMFAO talks about The Secret, how they believe in the philosophical concept of the law of attraction, and even to the point that...

Jennifer Lopez Inspired by Madonna

Jennifer Lopez explains how she loves being inspired by other women, and remembers seeing Madonna at Central Park which inspired her to constantly work hard even when no one is watching, and when you think it doesn't matter.