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Influential Interviews

Inspirational Interviews from Famous Successful People

Morgan Freeman: Courage Is The Key To Life Itself

Morgan Freeman elaborates on what we already know, that courage is the key to life itself and gets in depth about how we can all access bravery.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson: Privilege To Be Alive

Neil de Grasse Tyson explains how knowing you won't live forever is what makes it such a privilege and focus to be alive.

Jerry Seinfeld’s Top 10 Rules For Success

This extensive video created by Evan Carmichael features Jerry Seinfeld and the 10 best lessons he has ever given for a life well lived.

Will Smith On Ellen About Collateral Beauty

Will Smith was on Ellen where he touches on his new film Collateral Beauty and how it was very emotional because it was during the time his father battled with cancer.

Hans Zimmer – Break Rules To Move Forward

This trailer for Masterclass features famous composer Hans Zimmer as he breaks down the creative process.

Shakira Youtube Interview About A Better World

Shakira answers questions from her fans on everything from education, world peace, to believing in human nature.

Leonardo DiCaprio Shares His Deep Thoughts On Money

Leonardo DiCaprio shares his opinions on addiction to money, balance, greed and then also on the power of thinking about others and giving back.

Lessons From Patron Founder John Paul DeJoria

John Paul DeJoria gives critical startup lessons about working 7 days a week really hard, overcome that rejection and become the best ever in your category.