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Inspirational and Motivational Speeches from Famous Successful People

Lizzie Velasquez – How Do You Define Yourself?

This super empower speech at TedTalks by motivational speaker and author Lizzie Velasquez will totally change your perspective on things.

Oprah’s Tearful Speech at Power of Women

Oprah Winfrey gives an emotional and heartfelt speech at Variety’s Power of Women about authentic power, and aligning who you are with what you've come to do in the world.

Hillary Clinton “Never Stop Believing That Fighting For Whats Right Is...

Hillary Clinton addressed the media after Donald Trump's victory, and empowered young girls to never stop believing that fighting for what's right is worth it.

Selena Gomez AMAs 2016 Speech for Female Artist

Selena Gomez gave another one of her many incredible speeches and used the award acceptance time wisely to inspire her fans.

Jackie Chan Oscar Honorary Award Speech “It’s A Dream”

Jackie Chan accepts the Honorary Oscar Award at the 2016 Governors where he delivers a speech about always dreaming of winning the award.

Mathew McConaughey University Of Houston Speech

Mathew McConaughey speaks about several different sectors of life from happiness, defining your own version of success, and about asking the deeper questions

Malcolm X And Nelson Mandela: By Any Means Necessary

This scene features students proclaiming affirmations of being the next Malcolm X followed by Nelson Mandela giving a speech about the rights we should have as humans.

Sundar Pichai Speech At The GES 2016

Sundar Pichai gave this speech at GES where he discussed how innovation has no borders, never giving up on entrepreneurship, and gives a quote by Thomas Edison.

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