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Tyler Durden Philosophy Of Life – Fight Club

This is the scene where Tyler Durden tells the narrator about his philosophy on life which is almost a mix of eastern zenful spirituality of exiting the 'self'.

Fight Club Scene – Speech About Modern Life

This is the famous Fight Club scene where Tyler Durden gives an eye opening speech about being the middle children of history where we're fighting a spiritual war.

Michael J. Fox On Acceptance, Surrender And Taking Chances

An inspiring speech by Michael J. Fox where he talks about acceptance, surrendering and taking chances with just focusing on doing the next great thing.

Robin Williams – Make Your Life Spectacular

This speech by the late Robin Williams from the film Jack gives goosebumps as it reminds us to create a truly spectacular life with the small amount of time we have.

Lego Movie Speech – Be A Ground Breaker

Wyldstyle gives a speech during this scene from The Lego Movie about everyone having the ability to being a ground breaker.

Catch Me If You Can – Two Little Mice

Christopher Walken's speech from Catch Me If You Can where he tells a tale about 2 mice who fell into a bucket of cream.

Titanic Scene – I Got Everything I Need Right Here

Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) gives an epic spiel to the rich folks he is invited to dinner with on the Titanic about already having everything he ever needs.

“Collateral” Best Scene – What Do We Have To Lose Anyway

This powerful scene from Collateral features a hitman (Tom Cruise) giving a life changing and perspective altering speech to a taxi driver (Jamie Foxx).

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