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Inspirational and Motivational Movie Scenes, and Movie Clips

“Collateral” Best Scene – What Do We Have To Lose Anyway

This powerful scene from Collateral features a hitman (Tom Cruise) giving a life changing and perspective altering speech to a taxi driver (Jamie Foxx).

Zootopia – Nick Wilde Childhood Scene

A scene from Zootopia where the audience gets tricked into being judgemental the way we can be in society when Nick Wilde explains his childhood story.

Evan Almighty: Inspiring Speech About Random Act Of Kindness

This is the inspiring scene from the film Evan Almighty where God tells Evan how to change the world by small random acts of kindness.

Bruce Almighty: Want To See A Miracle, Then Be A Miracle

This scene from the feel good film Bruce Almighty is when God tells Bruce to be the miracle and take free will into his own hands rather than expecting one.

Zootopia Ending Scene – Try Speech

The final ending clip of Zootopia where Judy Hopps gives her final speech about diversity & making an effort to at least 'try' to make the world a better place.

The Wanderer – The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty & Benjamin...

The Secession created this beautiful montage to remind us all to take leaps by exploring the world, trekking the unknown and challenging our own horizons.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty – LIFE Motto Scene

This is the epiphany scene from The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty where main actor Ben Stiller gets his sign and takes a bold plunge to a new life.

X-Men Days Of Future Past – Magneto’s Speech

Magneto (Michael Fassbender) gives a compelling speech in X-men Day Of Future Past about being different, not hiding who you are and being proud of it.