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Inspirational and Motivational Movie Scenes, and Movie Clips

Lady In The Water Scene – The Healing

A magical climax scene where Paul Giamatti releases his energy by venting his bottled emotions to heal the lady in the water.

Lord Of The Rings – Just A Fool’s Hope

This short but very illuminating scene from the final Lord Of The Rings trilogy, "Return Of The King" hits an important theme, hope.

Powerful ‘Be Whoever You Want To Be’ Scene From Curious Case...

A scene from The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button where Benjamin's voice speaks through a letter being read from his daughter who reminisces his life's wisdom.

Why America Is NOT The Greatest Country In the World Anymore

A riveting and eye opening speech by Jeff Daniels after being told by a young woman why America is the greatest country in the world.

Life Of Pi – The Opening Religion Scene

One of Life Of Pi's opening scenes where the family discusses an intriguing conversation over dinner about religion and science.

Peaceful Warrior Inspiring Scene: Take Out The Trash

An inspiring scene from 'Peaceful Warrior' about taking out the trash - cutting out the negative thoughts of the future and the past so we can focus on the now.

Up In The Air: Follow Your Dreams

George Clooney leads the scene and film Up In The Air as he holds an interesting profession of traveling around to big firms and firing people who hold top positions during the financial crisis. Motivational scene.

Bruce Almighty: Want To See A Miracle, Then Be A Miracle

This scene from the feel good film Bruce Almighty is when God tells Bruce to be the miracle and take free will into his own hands rather than expecting one.