Seattle Seahawks Doug Baldwin Criticizes Doubters

In this video, Seattle Seahawks' Wide Receiver Doug Baldwin criticizes reporters after the major comeback whereby Seahawks came back from 16 - 0 to win the NFC and move onto NFL Super Bowl XLIX. Baldwin criticizes doubters, and expresses the power of BELIEVING YOURSELF, regardless of if others doubt you.

How To Find Your Meaning Of Life

This inspiring video created by TJOF is about finding your purpose and meaning in life by understanding you are the answer. We do not enter the future we create it.

Spanx Owner Sara Blakely’s 10 Rules For Success

Female billionaire and creator of Spanx, Sara Lively shares her personal rules for success. 10 to be exact.

Eckhart Tolle and Ken Robinson On Creativity

Spiritual guru, Eckhart Tolle, education enthusiast Sir Ken Robinson, and a few others including the Dalai Lama discuss a very intriguing topic; creativity. Many different perspectives are shared and some very interesting points made. Find out what these big leaders came up with for a fundamental understanding of how creativity comes about.

Motivational Video: Heroes – “Don’t Try And Build A Wall” Narrated...

A unique motivational video that combines several different super-hero movie clips with Will Smith's speech about being "unrealistic.

Idris Elba + Purdey’s Present: #ThriveOn

Actor Idris Elba is featured in this Purdy's commercial where he interviews people about their dreams and challenges them to never stop growing.

It’s Never Too Late – Motivational Speech

This video collage created by Global Expert Space entails many 'successful famous people' and what age and where they were before they reached their destinations.

Charlie Sheen’s Big Twist ALS Challenge

If you haven't yet seen Charlie Sheen's big twist to the ALS Challenge, here it is. Instead of "just" dumping a bunch of ice water and his head, he decided to dump a bucket load of money ($10,000) to be exact and stated that he'll be donating the money to the ALS foundation.