Shay Mitchell’s New Years Resolutions

Shay Mitchell, star of Pretty Little Liars, has FIVE new year resolutions and she told them to her fans in one of her videos on her youtube channel.

Why John Lennon Believes In The Power Of Visualization

Revolutionary musician and pro peace advocate John Lennon of The Beatles discusses in this audio, the power and importance of visualizing a better future.

8 Life Lessons From Boy Meets World’s Mr. Feeney

[youtube]Mr. Feeney was like a father figure to 90's kids as he would give Cory, Shawn and Topanga countless advice about life with...

Stop Stereotyping – All That We Share – ZUKAR Translations

We are all different in so many ways, yet we are also the same. This brilliant and clever video which rightfully went viral really shook people's perspectives up.

Obama Awards Presidential Medal of Freedom

This video features the full event of President Barack Obama giving medals of freedom to high achieving Americans such as Michael Jordan, Bill Gates and Ellen.

The Secret to Success – Honda the Power of Dreams &...

An inspiring video made by Honda and some of the key figures within the company, from Danica Patrick to founder Soichiro Honda, speak about dreams and failure.

J.J. Abrams Advice To Aspiring Filmmakers “Star Wars Celebration”

J.J. Abrams answers a fans' question about filmmaking in today's digital world in which we are all our own unique directors. He advises us to go out and do it!

3 Years Of Travel In 3 Minutes

High On Life is a brand that represents 4 guys who left their lives to travel the world and find themselves. In the process they created video's and a unique clothing brand.