Fate – Run After Your Destiny

Run after your destiny is a video created by Forever Motivation which features clips from Olympic history tied in with a powerful message by TD Jakes.

How To Find Your Meaning Of Life

This inspiring video created by TJOF is about finding your purpose and meaning in life by understanding you are the answer. We do not enter the future we create it.

Anderson Silva’s Spider Philosophy

Silva is possibly the best pound for pounder fighter on the entire planet, and in this video posted by the UFC, he shares his philosophies which clearly prove why he's been so great. His mentality and his beliefs!

Mo Gawdat: An Algorithm For Happiness

A Google executive, Mo Gawdat, shared his algorithm for happiness and the formula that certainly assisted him in his own life after losing his son.

Charlie Sheen’s Big Twist ALS Challenge

If you haven't yet seen Charlie Sheen's big twist to the ALS Challenge, here it is. Instead of "just" dumping a bunch of ice water and his head, he decided to dump a bucket load of money ($10,000) to be exact and stated that he'll be donating the money to the ALS foundation.

3 Years Of Travel In 3 Minutes

High On Life is a brand that represents 4 guys who left their lives to travel the world and find themselves. In the process they created video's and a unique clothing brand.