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Katy Perry On Personal Liberation & Interpretation

Katy Perry talks about the shrugging shoulders emoji of the girl who admits to not knowing things, and being okay with that.

Halle Berry Oscar Speech- This Moment Is Bigger Than Me

Halle Berry instantly became a pioneer as she won the Oscar which was a pivotal moment in history as she was the first woman of color to win the award.

J.Cole Perfectly Defines What Success Really Means

Allow J.Cole to explain the absolute truest definition of the success and how society's version will deceive and mislead you down a different path from who you are.

Joey Bada$$ Wants To Make Inspirational Music

Revolutionary hip hop artist and model Joey Badass is not your typical artist who caters to what people want but rather chooses to have a deeper meaning behind his music.

Teary-Eyed Elon Musk On Not Giving Up, Even When Your Heroes...

Elon Musk, gets emotional after his childhood heroes and inspiration behind his projects such as Neil Armstrong and Eugene Cernan are against his dreams.

Lead Better Lives – Oprah Winfrey

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JaaPTUbaH_s] Find your greater purpose and use it to make the most of your abilities. You owe it to yourself to be the best...

Waka Flocka On Materialism In The Industry

Waka Flocka gets heated and passionate in this interview with the Breakfast Club about being consciously aware of the world around you.

LeBron James on passing Michael Jordan in scoring “I did everything...

LeBron James beat his heroes record and became the highest point getter in playoff history and he humbly addressed how he always looked up to Michael and wanted to chase his legacy.