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Uplifting Music

Empowering and motivating music for the soul.

Kanye West – Stronger

Kanye West has been believing in himself since he first began, and this classic daft punk sampled anthem is a testament to his selfworthy mindset.

Sia – Never Give Up – Lion Soundtrack

Sia is becoming a niche artist who chooses to sing about lyrics that provoke hope in the human spirit, and "Never give up" is nothing shy of inspirational.

Eminem – Beautiful Pain Ft. Sia

Eminem and Sia collaborated for a masterpiece track about never giving up and being the bigger person by forgiving the people that hurt you.

G-Eazy – Vengeance On My Mind

This upbeat anthem by G-Eazy will fuel your day and get you stimulated to break out of comfort zones, grind insanely hard on your craft and taking chances.

Eminem – Lose Yourself

Eminem's Lose Yourself, released in 2002, was a creative vice for expressing the frustrations and adversity he had faced while trying to make a name for himself

Nas – I Can

Nas delivered this 'empower the youth' track back in 2002 where he shared a few stories about history, gave tools and educated anyone listening in the process.

T.I. – Live Your Life [feat. Rihanna]

This 2008 anthem had everybody spring a smile every time they heard "just live your life" and truth is, it probably always will, it's got that good energy vibe.

J. Cole’s Love Yourz Song Is A Very Powerful Message That...

From the Forrest Hills Drive album, J. Cole released a very empowering track called Love Yourz which is about being content and happy with the live you got!