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Uplifting Music

Empowering and motivating music for the soul.

Sia – The Greatest

Another magical masterpiece by Sia which is about finding your stamina and never giving up to be the greatest version of yourself.

Kanye West – Stronger

Kanye West has been believing in himself since he first began, and this classic daft punk sampled anthem is a testament to his selfworthy mindset.

Michael Jackson – Man In The Mirror

Michael Jackson was a selfless who had a way deeper purpose outside of himself. His music was his platform for spreading a message about compassion and change.

Nas & Damian Marley – Strong Will Continue

Nas and Damian Marley connected in 2011 to deliver this inspirational anthem that will get you refocused on the bigger picture and your main goals and ambitions.

Young Jeezy Ft. R.Kelly – Go Getta

Released in 2006, this track has surely fired up billions to hustle hard as Jeezy and R.Kelly came together to create this hit and new word in the process.

Audioslave – Be Yourself

Be Yourself can make any day where you feel like a misfit turn into a day where you feel fully validated from within, and need to seek no further.

Mike Posner (JordanXL Remix) – Be As You Are

Mike Posner interviews a kid who talks about boxing for his dad, but truly loving dancing. Society tries to mold our image, but we should just be as we are.

Maino Ft. T-Pain – All The Above

Back in 2009 T-Pain and Maino gave the world this motivational anthem and years later it still has the same impact