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Uplifting Music

Empowering and motivating music for the soul.

David Guetta Ft Sia – Titanium

From David Guetta's album, Nothing But The Beat, Titanium is a forever classic that can make you quickly rebound off of any setback or failure that enters yours path.

Baby Don’t Cry – Tupac Shakur

This legendary song by Tupac was officially released in 1999 as he shared hope for single mothers and gave some empowering words of encouragement.

T.I. – Live Your Life [feat. Rihanna]

This 2008 anthem had everybody spring a smile every time they heard "just live your life" and truth is, it probably always will, it's got that good energy vibe.

Major Lazer – Get Free ft. Amber of the Dirty Projectors...

2 really empowering songs from Major Lazer and J. Cole where they go above and beyond mainstream as they spread some awareness to get you to feel true freedom.

The XX – Intro

How can a song with no video and no lyrics or vocals whatsoever be so extremely inspiring? Well, there is only one way to find out, you won't be let down.

Nas – I Can

Nas delivered this 'empower the youth' track back in 2002 where he shared a few stories about history, gave tools and educated anyone listening in the process.

Mike Posner (JordanXL Remix) – Be As You Are

Mike Posner interviews a kid who talks about boxing for his dad, but truly loving dancing. Society tries to mold our image, but we should just be as we are.

Audioslave – Be Yourself

Be Yourself can make any day where you feel like a misfit turn into a day where you feel fully validated from within, and need to seek no further.