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Leicester City’s football sensation Jamie Vardy has come out of no where and shocked the world as he helped lead his team to win the FA Premiership. The team beat the odds of around 5000 to 1 for a miraculous surprise. Jamie Vardy played an exceptional season and broke the record of scoring in 11 consecutive games. He is more than likely playing for England at the Euro’s. All this success is rather new, however, to Vardy, who is the focal point of a rags to riches story.

Initially, he was a very slow work in process, and took a lot of time coming up the ranks, until he decided to give up on the sport when he was released by Sheffield Wednesday at age 16. Eventually a friend got him back into soccer and Vardy saw himself playing amateur Sunday soccer again. Before long, he began moving up the ranks, proving coaches and managers along the way that he had what it took. Although he got into an incident with the law, he overcame the adversity and continued his trek to the limelight, until he got his shot with Leicester City. The rest was history, literally, as the team eventually broke humongous odds. Jamie Vardy battled his way through a Cinderella story and is now going to be the focal point of a possible Hollywood film. With a lot of life experience and the world waiting on his door step for answers, here are 53 Jamie Vardy quotes that showcase the resilience and tenacity of a true underdog.


1.) One Day, One Game At A Time:

“Confidence is sky high, but we’re also all very grounded. We know in football nothing can be taken for granted. That’s why every week as soon as we finish the game, if we’ve got the three points we are straight away focusing on the next game and the training that goes into it.” – Jamie Vardy

2.) Loving The Process: 

“When you get into an academy and you are playing football every day of the week  that is all you ever want to do.” – Jamie Vardy

3.) Passion Is Not About Money:

“My life has changed, but I’m not money-motivated at all; that’s the last thing on my mind. I just want to play football and that’s how I’ve always been. To be honest with you, that shows in my performances, that I’m in a happy place, knowing that I’m doing the job that I love.” Jamie Vardy

4.) Keeping it Simple:

“There has been a lot of focus on me, I think, obviously, if I let it affect me performance, I have kept my head down and not tried to let it sink in my head and just concentrate, it’s just another game where we wanted to get 3 points in.” Jamie Vardy

5.) Small Goals Create Big Visions:

“I never thought I could make it to the Premier League. I just wanted to keep improving as much as I could and see where that got me.” – Jamie Vardy

6.) A Quick-Witted Comment About Christmas Gifts:

“The best present I’ve ever given someone is myself.” – Jamie Vardy

7.) On The Day England Manager Roy Hodgson  Came To Watch:

“We were live on television but I think it was a bad game for him to come to. It was very windy and the pitch was like sand dunes. There were bobbles everywhere but we won the game.” Jamie Vardy

8.) On Being Nicknamed Cannon:

“When I am on the pitch I have to lead from the front and be aggressive because of my size. It lead to my nickname.” Jamie Vardy

9.) Focused On His Role:

“But I’ve not really looked at stats like that, all I’ve thought about is getting as many goals as I can for Leicester.” – Jamie Vardy

10.) On Having To Streak As A Prank At Training:   

“I had to do it (the streak) once as a forfeit at Fleetwood. I can’t remember why ,but it was normally something to do with being late or the worst prank of the day.” Jamie Vardy


“It really has been a dream come true.” – Jamie Vardy

12.) Jamie Vardy Revealing His & his Teams Secrets To Success:

“If I’m played out of position I’ll always give 100%, but everyone knows I would rather play down the middle. I also think for myself, and the club as a whole, the year’s experience last season has done us the world of good. The confidence in knowing that we can give teams a game, which showed in the run-in when we pulled away from the relegation zone, helped us all out and we’ve just carried that on.” – Jamie Vardy

13.) His Natural Fitness Gifts:

“I remember at school we went to an army camp for a day. We did the official army bleep test and I got to level 14.5. I think the closest person to me that day got to level 10. Fitness has always been one of my strengths. I can do all the long-distance runs. When I was at school and we entered the competitions I used to do the 100m, 200m and the 1500m as well, so it’s never just been a pace thing.” – Jamie Vardy


“There’s still a long way to go, I’ll get back on the training field and look at how I can break Watford’s defense but I need my team mates as well.” – Jamie Vardy


“That’s how every striker should feel otherwise there’s no point in being a striker, it’s as simple as that, that’s what I get paid for – to put the ball in the back of the net.” – Jamie Vardy

16.) The Power Of Momentum:

“Everything I’m touching is going in. Long may that continue.” – Jamie Vardy

17.) A Jamie Vardy Quote About His Support System:

“She’s changed me. She’s such a calming influence. When I was living on my own, for a footballer it’s easy to do the things that you’re not supposed to, or not what the sport science team says. For example, if there’s a packet of crisps, you’re going to eat them. The same with a packet of sweets. Go to bed at a certain time? You’re not going to if you’re on your own. Having Becky and the kids there is brilliant for me.” Jamie Vardy

18.) Embracing The Hard Work On His Shocking Rise To Fame:

There was a lot of hard work that has gone into this, I have to still pinch myself most days before I even got here. I have been given a chance now and hopefully I will get to show it on the big stage. You would never thought, where I have come from, this was ever on the cards.” Jamie Vardy

19.) A Humble Jamie Vardy:

“I’ve not thought about record at all. If someone else gets the goal that gets us three points I’ll be happy.” – Jamie Vardy


“No pressure, one game, one goal!” Jamie Vardy

21.) The Underdog Within:

“When I got released for being too small it was a real heartache. That was one of the reasons I stopped because I thought I would never be a professional.” – Jamie Vardy

22.) Rock Bottom:

“When I got released by Wednesday I literally stopped playing for a while. It was the lowest point in my career. It was hard to take.” Jamie Vardy

23.) A Team Driven Player:

“I did not really expect it, but I did not set myself any targets either. I just wanted to make sure I improved on last year, and I’ve managed to do that. To get the 10 in a row is brilliant, but the main thing is the points for Leicester. Jamie Vardy

24.) How He Broke The Record:

“Hard work and the players around me getting me into positions. This year I’ve managed to put them into the back of the net.” – Jamie Vardy

25.) Speaking Of His Cinderella Story:

“I pinch myself every day anyway. Everyone knows the road I have had in the game, and how I have managed to get myself to where I am today. Obviously it has been tough, but it is nice to be among those names.” Jamie Vardy

26.) Driven On Team Success:

“It would be unbelievable [to break the record], but I would only want to get another if we got the three points.” – Jamie Vardy

27.) Which Player He Is Looking Forward To Playing Against In The Champions League:

“You’d have to say the likes of Messi and Ronaldo. They’re obviously the world’s best and they have been for years, but we still know there’s a long way to go until that might happen and we know that we’ve got to take each game as they come.” – Jamie Vardy

28.) After Not Making BBC’s Sports Personality Of The Year Shortlist:

“That’s fine by me, I hate wearing a suit.” Jamie Vardy

29.) On What He Said During His Record Breaking Most Consecutive Goals Celebration:

“Because the Man United fans were singing Ruud van Nistelrooy, I said: ‘Me, me, all effing me’ … Live on Sky. Again. I need to calm down a bit. I was just lost in the moment, that’s what it was. And, to be fair, I saw the replay of the goal and you can actually see a couple of Man U fans clapping.” – Jamie Vardy

30.) A Jamie Vardy Quote About His Wife

“She’s changed me. She’s such a calming influence.” – Jamie Vardy

31.) On Personal Ambitions For Euro 2016:

“Obviously I want to make sure that I’m involved in the squad and I know that’s down to myself. But I think you see with the players that are involved there, they’re all class and they’re a close knit group as well and to be honest with you we can go far and we know that .” – Jamie Vardy

32.) Eyes On The Prize:

“This is the top-flight all-time record and it’s set by a Sheffield United player, so being a Sheffield Wednesday fan I’d love to beat it.” Jamie Vardy


“Wowzers. What’s happening in life? But if that’s what they want to do, then so be it.” Jamie Vardy

34.) A Football Fan First:

“I nearly clapped! because I am a football fan first and that was a world class strike to witness.” – Jamie Vardy

35.) Jamie Vardy’s Infamous Tweet:

“Chat sh*t, get banged.” Jamie Vardy

36.) A Jamie Vardy Quote About His Incident With the Law:

“I was out one night with a friend who wore a hearing aid. Two lads, for no reason, thought it would be funny to start knocking him and attacking him. I am not proud of what I did but I stuck up for him and defended him, as I would for any mate. It ended up getting me into a bit of trouble.Jamie Vardy

37.) Staying Grounded:

“I think we’re keeping our feet firmly on the ground.” Jamie Vardy

38.) Sacrificing The Good For The Great:

“I couldn’t go out, I was locked in the house. All my mates would be out but I was sat at home. Luckily, I had a big DVD collection so I would watch loads of movies every night. It was something I had to learn from and I did.” Jamie Vardy


“That is one of the things that has made me the person sat in front of you. It was hard. It had an effect on my family as well because I am in the house constantly. It was tough not being able to do what any normal 20-year-old wants to do.” – Jamie Vardy

40.) Teamwork Makes The Dream Work:

“Each one will give 100%. We put our bodies on the line for each other.” Jamie Vardy

41.) An Unexpected Surprise, Or Destiny:

“If you had asked me back then I would never have thought I would have signed for Leicester City.” Jamie Vardy


“I was just concentrating on helping Leicester pull away from that relegation zone.” Jamie Vardy

43.) On Making Team England:

“I was just at Fleetwood and we were on a mission to get into the Football League. I thought that was where I would be after we got promoted as well. I never thought this (his England call-up) would happen either. Jamie Vardy

44.) How Jamie Vardy Got Back Into Football:

“I went to college and a friend got me playing for his Sunday side, I wanted to get back into it. After that, I ended up playing for Stockbridge Park Steels as a youth player, then I had broke into the reserves and then the first team.” – Jamie Vardy

45.) The Grind:

“I was working full-time at the time so it was tough. There were long hours at work in the day and then playing football at night.” Jamie Vardy

46.) Rags To Riches:

“We had to do a lot of heavy lifting into ovens and the shelves we had to put items on were way above my height. When you have to do that on a daily basis and you are lifting about 100 times a day it damages your back so it was time to stop. It didn’t stop me playing football. If anything, I was playing football the night before and then ringing up work the next day and saying I was injured to get off work, to be honest.” – Jamie Vardy

47.) On His First Time Being Paid To Play:

“I remember my first wage with Stocksbridge. I was a youth player and just to get called up to the first team it was 30 pound a week. I had never earned money through football before. I was happy to get that. We used to get 200 or 300 fans watching, unless we played one of the big local clubs like Wednesday or Sheffield United.” – Jamie Vardy

48.) Life Experiences Made Him Better:

“Those were the experience that made me the person I am today. ” Jamie Vardy

49.) The Praise He Received Via Social Media:

“My phone was just vibrating in my pocket constantly. I left it all until Sunday morning and then worked my way through everything, which is not easy when you’ve got Twitter, WhatsApp, text messages, Instagram, etc. But some of the messages were unbelievable.” – Jamie Vardy

50.) Receiving A Message From The Previous Record Holder:

“With Ruud van Nistelrooy holding the record before, you can’t get much better than that – it was a brilliant message from him.” – Jamie Vardy

51.) On His Troubled Past:

“I was still able to play football but on a few occasions I had to leap over fences and get in the car to get back to avoid breaking my curfew. My mum and dad would pick me up. The away games, if they were too far, I could only play an hour. I would have to come off, hope we were winning and jump straight back into the car to get home in time.” – Jamie Vardy


“You could actually wear the bracelet as an ankle guard. It would protect your ankles. There was no way of breaking it. You could hit it with a hammer and it wouldn’t come off. It was unbreakable.” Jamie Vardy


“I got a move to Halifax, which was brilliant, but the work was taking its toll on me. It was doing my back in so I decided to just quit and live off the football money. Luckily, three days later, I signed for Fleetwood.” – Jamie Vardy


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