Janelle Monae’s Insecurities, Heroes & Her Advice To Others


Rising artist, Janelle Monae is a fierce and wise individual who was signed by P.Diddy‘s Bad Boy label. In this interview she talked about her insecurities as a woman, her doubts and her fears about death. She elaborates that dying unhappy would be a tragedy, and so it serves her as a reminder to pursue the things she loves and the things that bring her joy. Janelle Monae as talks about the power of the mind, and why we should never compare our success against the success of anyone else. Competing and comparing with others is a sign of weakness and it is a very dangerous path to walk as it will lead to a life of unhappiness. However, having inspirations and role models can be very helpful. Janelle discussed her own heroes such as Miguel and Prince, whom she has worked with. She also talked about performing for George Lucas and his wife for their wedding where she also got to meet Steven Spielberg. In fact, she notes the both of them for also being major inspirations as she aspires to on day get into the field of writing and possibly directing too.

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