Jerry Seinfeld: What I Love More Than Money


In the full interview  ‘Success without Stress’ with Bob Roth, Seinfeld talks about “transcendental meditation”, something he’s practiced for over 40 years (you can watch the full interview here)! In this short snippet of the interview, Jerry Seinfeld states that what he loves, what drives him in life, is energy. Here is a transcript of what is said in the interview:

“the thing that I love more than money, more than love, more than, um, just about anything, I love energy, I love it, and I pursue it, and I want it, I want more of it and I think this is the reason why I am so enthusiastic about TM (transcendental meditation). It’s because I feel that in my life that is the thing that I want, energy. Putting in a phenomenal day’s work to me, is way better than, you know, let’s say you come into a little chuckle money you didn’t think you were gonna get, you know, you just get some dough, you go ‘hey, that’s great that’s, that is great’ I think money’s great, but energy, physical and mental energy to me is the greatest riches of human life and TM (transcendental meditation) is such ah, this incredible, it’s like a free account of an endless amount of it.” – Jerry Seinfeld


In a different part of this interview, Jerry Seinfeld stresses on the importance of doing work only when you have the energy, and that when you’re exhausted, to take a break, and do transcendental meditation.

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