Jim Carrey & His Spiritual Awakening

Jim Carrey Eckhart Tolle

From someone who has had some bouts with depression, Jim Carrey, has certainly gone up a much more enlightening road over the recent years, and we’re really happy for him! He has been focusing on spirituality, not only is he a big fan of the spiritual teachings of best-selling author Eckhart Tolle and his philosophies of redeeming happiness from living in the “now,” but he also visited the spiritual guru in Vancouver B.C and had one-on-one mentor-ship. He had a very profound life awakening through the teachings of Mr. Tolle, who is actually listed as the number 2 most spiritual individual on the planet.

The Solution: Eckhart Tolle taught Jim Carrey to live in the moment, this allowed him to have a different perspective of life, and how life really is amazing when we’re not worrying about the future, or thinking about the past. Carrey learned how to be more purposeful, accept life the way it is (which in turn allows him to enjoy it more), and the revelation has not only allowed him to not limit the amount of excessive thinking he does (read more about Carrrey’s awakening here), but it also made him go against the social norms of drinking and smoking, as he states in his own words:


“I’m very serious about no alcohol, no drugs. Life is too beautiful.”



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