Joe Rogan: Society Trap (Live YOUR Way)


Here’s a question, are you a sheep? Did you know that if you get a pack of humans to walk a certain direction, others will start following, just like sheep? In this video Joe Rogan tries to awaken the world into noticing, and better yet, claiming their own individualistic place in the world. From Rogan’s perspective, society has made people into sheep following the peer pressure of their culture, media, friends, family, fears, and worries into everything they really don’t want to do. This leads people into having jobs they dislike, to buy things to impress others they don’t like, to being in relationships that bring nothing but sorrow. Joe Rogan believes that we as a species need to individually take charge and begin to live life our own way, following our dreams, setting standards for ourselves, and so on. In this world, you are either a follower, or a leader, but the best part is, you get to decide. Let’s rephrase the first question, “why do you choose to be a sheep?”

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