Lord Of The Rings – Just A Fool’s Hope

This short but very illuminating scene from the final Lord Of The Rings trilogy, “Return Of The King” hits an important theme, hope. When the young hobbit asks the ever wise Gandalf if there was any hope, he was initially shocked to hear the wizard tell him that there never really was much hope to begin with. And then he follows up by laying out the most profound portion of this speech/scene….”Just a fool’s hope”. The reason this moment serves as a pivotal part of the movie is because Gandalf refers to a “fool” as someone who technically is not “too smart for his own good” type of individual – an ironic characteristic the hobbit always had, that wasn’t necessarily ever really a bad thing. It’s often the ones who have this blind faith, because they don’t know any better, the Forest Gump mentality, if you will…

Here’s the short speech, to be exact…

“Is there any hope, Gandalf, for Frodo and Sam?

There never was much hope.

Just a fool’s hope.”


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