Kevin Hart’s Word’s Of Wisdom

Kevin Hart explains how everyone see’s the outside only as they look only at the final product. He claims he has been working at his dreams for 18 years and it’s all ‘behind the scenes’ so to speak.

Hart also explains how his “drive is other people’s success.” and how he models and admires the people before him who became great, from Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy or Richard Pryor. In fact, he has big canvases in his house of these idols who he constantly surrounds himself around.

Kevin Hart explains how he had 6 or 7 cancelled shows and how being patient helped him immensely. And he rightfully acknowledges how all you need is one. He didn’t grow a pessimistic attitude but claims to have kept the believing spirit alive.

His most alluring piece of wisdom, is that he enjoys making people laugh. His passion and biggest desire is to bring people up and make them feel better when they’re down. His formula for providing value for others is his comedy.

Kevin Hart tells his all in all best trait that forsure assisted him to the top of the comedy throne, and it’s rather simple, he put in the work. He claims to be one of the most hardest working people and he directly correlates it to being dynamically passionate about what he does.

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