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3 keys to success that led universally influential people to reach their respective greatness.

Tom Hanks was not always a huge A Lister, in fact, he was very lonely and shy as a teen. He made many sacrifices, and persevered through setbacks to do what he loved.
A revolutionary visionary, Martin Luther King Jr. and his legacy teaches us about love, hope and forgiveness. One of the most inspiring people to ever live!
Vincent Van Gogh was a pioneer of art. Although he sold only 1 painting when he was alive, it was his passion and nonconforming ways that paved a new path.
Born: May 21, 1972, New York, US | Successful For: Rapper (Legend) | Zodiac Sign: Gemini “Damn right I love the life I live, cause I went from negative, to positive.” - Quote by The Notorious B.I.G 3 Success Lessons from Notorious BIG's Biography:   The Notorious BIG's Accountant Said He Pursued His Passion. For the short successful career...
Meryl Streep is a legend of our time, but it's the inner qualities she possesses that make her great. Her passion, her decisions, sacrifice, and inner belief.
Marilyn Monroe set a precedence for her times: being a woman who was sexy, bold, smart, and ambitious. Her inspiring story, quotes and inspiration.
Born: July 1, 1908, New York, US | Successful For: Founder of Estee Lauder Companies | Zodiac Sign: Cancer “Projecting your mind into a successful situation is the most powerful means to achieve goals.” - Quote by Estée Lauder How Estée Lauder Became Successful:   Estee Lauder Had A "Quality Over Quantity" Mentality: Possibly the greatest reason Estee Lauder became...
Tupac was much more than a rapper, he was an advocate for change; from having an activist mom, escaping poverty through poetry, and standing tall in adversity. 2pac is pure inspiration.