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Logic is a very gifted lyrical hip hop artist who prefers to remain as an independent artist over being a mainstream figure. The creative genius has supreme confidence and gained that inner belief in himself from growing up against hard-core odds as he endured through so much adversity. Logic grew up in poverty and welfare and his parents were addicts and he claims he never had Christmas or birthdays. His half brothers became crack dealers who sold to their own father. His mother was a prostitute who got beat regularly and she was stabbed and raped too. Logic recalls his mother being a racist too. He dropped out of school early and left his negative household at age 17 to begin his rap career. Today, Logic has been able to leverage his difficult up bringing to easily deal with anything the business or hip hop world throws at him. He takes care of everything – from sorting out tours, to mixing, mastering, graphics, artwork as he states “I wake up every day, I deal with hundreds of thousands, or millions of dollars, I fund my tours by myself, I do merch by myself, I employ people, I have my own successful company. I’m 24 years old. I wake up every day and laugh.”  His cult like fan base adores him for what now looks like ‘god given talent’. But below, the surface, Logic is someone who worked extremely hard for his dreams and kept a positive mindset all while juggling bigtime life struggles. This is the top 10 list of inspirational quotes by rapper Logic regarding trail and error, doing things for you, and finding peace and happiness.


“How can sky be the limit when there is footprints on the moon.” – Logic


“They was too scared while I was facing my fears. I’ve always been driven, but they too scared to steer. That’s why I compete with legends, mother f**k my peers.” – Logic

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“And it’s like, no matter who you are — this is a personal belief. You say whatever the f—- you want. This is a personal belief. I believe that no matter who you are — religious figure, this, that, whatever — you will be forgotten in time. As long as we go — if a asteroid hits or it’s another frozen era and this, that, da da da — you will be forgotten, so do what you can for this world and this civilization. But at the end of the day, before you leave, do something for yourself. Accept that you’re going to die one day. Don’t just brush it off — not think about it — and do what you can to make this world a better place, your world. And your world could be your family or your best friend or yourself. But really do something for you before you go.” – Logic


“And so for me, at the end of the day, there’s kind of two main — the main thing about this, about Paradise and this and all that, is I wanted to create a planet, my own planet, for me, for people who enjoy this. You know what I mean? For people who just love music and understand that this is the artist I am and this is what I’m about and this is what I represent, here’s my message: peace, love, positivity. Follow your dreams. These are my raps. This is my style. This is how I do it.” – Logic

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“Do something for yourself.” – Logic


“So I think for me when I realized anything was possible, it was more so, “OK. Anything really is possible as long as I don’t f—- it up.” – Logic

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I think that’s another reason why I’m so open-minded, and I really love and respect all colors, creeds, faiths, religions, even though I might have my own personal connection, or whatever that is, with myself. I think it came from that household. I think it was all the negative s—- that I saw, witnessed, went through, that turned me into the positive person that you see today. And I’m sorry. I know I’m talking a lot. I’m just so excited. A lot of people, they’re always like, “How are you so positive? How are you so positive?” And to be quite honest, it’s in my darkest of times that I am my most positive. – Logic


“But in my darkest of hours, when nobody’s there to pat me on the back, to say keep going, to say, “You can do it. You’re incredible. You’re talented. You’re this. You’re that,” I was the one that — I’d go on Twitter, and I’d go into my music and say, “You can be the best person you can be. You can do anything you want to do.” And it’s like, I’m telling the fans what I’m trying to tell myself because nobody was telling me at the time.– Logic

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“I used to bus tables until them tables turned. And everything I have obtained is everything I’ve earned. And everything I rap about is everything I’ve learned. So hopefully the listener can position a situation where they don’t get burned. And they can learn from my mistakes, like I’ve learned from the greats. To do whatever it takes, for Heaven’s sakes open your mind. This shit’s one of a kind, elegant and refined, irrelevant to the swine” – Logic


“Oh. Through Yoda. Yoda has a saying; he says — I love it. He says, “The difference between the Padawan and the master is the master has failed more times than the Padawan has even tried.” So I think I knew through trial and error, not only of me but my predecessors and the people that I love.” – Logic

Bonus Logic Quote:

“So there’s no winning. There’s no winning. You just have to be happy with who you are.” – Logic

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