Top 10 M.I.A. Quotes To Embrace Your Uniqueness

M.I.A. is a radical musician who strays completely away from what’s normal but rather makes her creations vibrate with exactly what’s instinctively in your heart. She is a true talent who expresses her colorful ideals wholeheartedly and does not hold back in order to please people. She is, if you will, the truest extension of herself and in everything she does. No to mention, she can do it all and is lives up to the purest definition of the word creator. She began her career out as a visual artist and a filmmaker. Today, M.I.A. sings, produces, directs, she is a fashion designer, activist, photographer and rapper.

M.I.A. stands for Missing In Action, which is often something she is known for. As a pioneer, she infused her own musical genre which is a blend of reggae, Asian folk, rap, R&B, hip hop, grime and alternative rock, making her one of the most original acts. M.I.A. is definitely her own unique brand of whatever she wants to be, which speaks volumes for freedom and abstract. She is revolutionary too and uses her videos as a platform to bring awareness about political violence by incorporating visuals and also imagery for her cover art. Her story can really encourage us to be free thinkers and to get outside of the bubble that society so often emerges us in, even without our consent.

She grew up in a wide range of different environments, from India, Sri Lanka to the United Kingdom. She faced many different challenges, from an absent father, being rejected from an arts school to being exposed to war ridden situations including her elementary school being raided by the government, bullying, and many civil rights issues. M.I.A. used her music to heavily associate with that revolutionary mind frame. She is saluted for her ability to dip into those powerful unspoken subjects of gender and sexual stereotypes, identity politics, poverty and the conditions of the working class.

These thought provoking M.I.A. quotes will challenge you to be the more true to yourself and re-examine who you really are deep below the surface.

10 Inspirational M.I.A. Quotes


“You have to constantly redefine who you are.” – M.I.A.


“When I first came out, I was a film student and my mom sewed clothes. I was already doing a million things then, whatever it took to survive. If I had to braid someone’s hair to get one pound for my lunch money, that’s what I did. But I did it in the most creative way possible.” – M.I.A.


“When I did my ‘selling out’ show for MTV they paid me a hundred grand and I built a school with it in Africa.” – M.I.A.

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“Rage and grief are savage companions, but despair is the final undoing.” – M.I.A.


“Besides, isn’t it more exciting when you don’t have permission?” – M.I.A.


“Predominantly in the West, if you can only have creative voices that are either black or white, I’m going to say whatever the f – k I want, because no one’s going before you, and if no one’s coming after you, I’m just going to be the freakiest of all freaks!” – M.I.A.


“My statements aren’t incomplete, they’re just in-progress. It’s a debate and a discussion.” – M.I.A.

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“Confidence takes constant nurturing, like a bed, it must be remade every day.” – M.I.A.


“I felt pissed off because I realized that you have to teach people in a clichéd way how to be happy-and happiness has become too one thing in American media. Achieving happiness is not really about having a flat stomach and the best car.” – M.I.A.


“I already feel that I am making a political statement by sticking around in music, when I am doing it so differently to everyone else.” – M.I.A.

Bonus M.I.A. Quote:

“I was happy being the retarded cousin of rap. Now I’m the retarded cousin of singing.” – M.I.A.

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