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Mathew Mcconaughey inspiring kids

We all know Matthew McConaughey has a spontaneous side, he’s a not so ‘follow the path’ kind of guy and he loves to trust his crazy gut wrenches. Spare the moment and take a plunge is his sort of philosophy and it’s worked very well for him. He’s almost always been that way, even back when he was younger and he decided to get up and move to Australia for a year as a Rotary exchange student. And when he was around 21, he went on to take a gigantic 360 degree leap, and decided to quit his goal of becoming a lawyer and decided to pursue his other ‘calling’ if you will, of becoming an actor. Matthew claims he got bored of the idea of being a lawyer. Luckily enough, he trusted that notion and dove right in. Otherwise he might have chose a profession not so designed for him particularly, and we all know, that would have turned him from a lively energized actor to a miserable purposeless lawyer. One shoe does not fit every size ordeal.

Matthew McConaughey has succeeded on many frontiers because of this ideology of going with your intuition and taking chances that you believe in. In fact, this became his own personal mantra, he called it “just keep living”. It was something that inspired him heavily, and it was during a crossroads period in his life, when his father had passed away and at the opposite end, his career had begun to take off with the film ‘Dazed and Confused’. It was a tough time for the budding star, but he recalls that this phrase helped remind and propel him forward. It was life-changing!



 “Just keep living” is the motto that keeps me moving forward. I’ve had that motto since I was 21. I was filming “Dazed and Confused”, my father had just died, and I suddenly realized I was no longer a boy. My life’s a lot bigger now. I have far more responsibilities. Also, it’s been a long while since I was anonymous.” – Matthew Mcconaughey



He also strongly believes in giving back, something he claims his father taught him a ton about. This is where his motto is more than just a catch phrase. It’s a clothing company as-well as a wellness and fitness program designed for inner city teenagers who come from low income or single parent families. Since his father was the one who reminded him of giving back and who really symbolized the line “just keep living”, Matthew thought it would make perfect sense to include a picture of his dad on the logo of the foundation.

In 2008, he began funding an after school program that helped teens deal with the transition stage of their lives, he states that it’s that period of time “where the consequences aren’t just another demerit if you screw up again.” And he says it’s designed in such a way to “prevents before you need to cure,”. Mr. McConaughey is more than just an “investor looking for a good image”. He is fully involved with the project and is very enthusiastic about the entire process of it. He often shows up to workout with the kids and go for runs at one of the now 14 locations. it’s a win win situation that he says “My acting’s getting better because I play make-believe better, you learn that from kids.”


“I’ve got this really glorious responsibility to shepherd these children. And to pass on what I know to them sooner than I found out in my life, but not too soon so as not to let them grow up at their own pace. That is an incredible art.” – Matthew McConaughey



The clothing line he launched which is a shorter abbreviation of the same concept is called “j.k. livin”. It’s a company with a mission to inspire others to just keep living, through the good and bad. He believes in the mentality of making the best out of everything we’re dealt with. And a major aspect of his philosophy is that giving back is a part of living. Especially for things that guide you with a sense of purpose.

Here, Matthew explains the vision in a quick video clip. Great concept and a strong driving force behind why he started it…

#PurposeDrivenGiving: Don’t just give; Have enthusiasm, passion and a strong belief in what you are giving to. Make it a personal mission that drives you and your cause!



Here’s the links to both his websites:

The Clothing Line:

Just Keep Living

The Program for Teenagers:

Just Keep Living Foundation








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