12 Inspiring Mike Trout Quotes

Angels at Orioles September 16, 2011

12 inspiring quotes from one of the best up and coming baseball players in the game, Mike Trout. The centre fielder who is nicknamed The Millville Meteor, plays for the Anaheim Angels and is quickly becoming a star at only age 24. The family man who just recently moved out of his parents home, alongside his 3 legged dog,  is known to be more reserved and quiet, however, these hand selected quotes tell us he knows quite a bit more than we think about the fundamentals and psychology behind the game.



“I just keep thinking about putting up good numbers, playing hard and winning games.” – Mike Trout


“Keep your head on the ball. You’ve got to hit it first, then look where it goes. People get in trouble when they look for where the ball’s going, and they haven’t even hit it yet.” – Mike Trout


“The first couple of years in the minors were tough for me. My numbers were there, but being away from home so young was tough.” – Mike Trout


“I always dreamed of making it in baseball, but life has moved pretty quickly for me.” – Mike Trout


“Coming into the year, my goal was to be the best player and to make the most impact on the field. To be in the MVP talk with guys like Cabrera, it’s an incredible feeling, a hard one to explain. When I made the All Star team, that was a really big moment of my career, and that’s when all the rookie-of-the-year talk started. It really came on fast. I was having so much fun during the year, I didn’t really think of the awards or the indivual stuff. I was just trying to help the team win.”Mike Trout


“You surprise yourself on some balls off the bat. You don’t think you have a chance to catch it. And then your natural ability just takes over.” – Mike Trout


“You can’t go out there and think to much, that’s when you get into trouble.” – Mike Trout


“I think just stepping out of the box, taking a deep breath. You know, I call timeout a lot, if I start thinking up there, I like to step out of the box and clear my mind. You do all your thinking in the cage before the game, once the game starts you just go out there and play baseball.” – Mike Trout


“It’s tough, you know you got the fans, the reporters, and everybody on you. For me, it’s getting the negative out of your head…your gonna fail 70% of the time, you got to stay positive and get the negative out of your head. For me, it’s always thinking positive.” – Mike Trout


“I can’t say that I’ve really achieved what I really want to be.” – Mike Trout


“All I know is we’re having fun out there.”- Mike Trout


“I’m young, man, I play hard. You can’t worry about injuries.” – Mike Trout

Bonus Mike Trout Quote:

“If you work hard enough to achieve your goal, you will someday achieve it.” Mike Trout

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