Mother Teresa’s 5 Inspiring Deeds

Mother Teresa inspirational

The Nobel Peace Prize winner of 1979, Mother Teresa, was an inspiration to the world for her long list of good deeds and caring for humanity where no one else would ever wander. She created a massive ripple effect that left the world in a much better place then when she got there.



When Mother Teresa arrived in India to teach, she instantly had a life awakening experience as she saw the immense poverty in Calcutta. This led her to start a new mission that was primarily focused on looking after those people who nobody else was able to look after.



Mother Teresa and a group of nuns would devote themselves wholeheartedly and survived on very little income and food. In fact, they would often need to beg for funds.



Although she faced much controversy throughout her life, she continued to press forward and leave the negativity behind. She was a woman with a strong mission. When she opened her home for the dying, which was to allow people to die with dignity, people bashed her for a lack of medical care. However, many protected her concept, and defended her saying that it gave the neglected a sense of ‘knowing that someone cared’.



Although she was extremely religious in her faith, she never pushed to convert anyone and even gave those who were dying in her home, the religious rites they needed for their faith.




During the last few decades of her life, Mother Teresa endured many hardships regarding her own personal health. However she was too driven that nothing could deter her from fulfilling her course of serving the needy. Prior to her death, she met with the ever noble, Princess Diana in New York. Coincidentally they died within a week from one another.




Upon laying the pillars of change and creating a powerful message of helping humanity, Mother Teresa has sparked a ripple effect of good. As of 2013, there are nearly 700 missions in over 130 countries which now include orphanages and hospices. The Noble Peace Prize winner had one goal; to help people the best way she could, and the many, many kind deeds she did for the planet has left a giant positive footprint.



“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” – Mother Teresa




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