Orlando Bloom Found His Life’s Calling By Overcoming Dyslexia

Orlando Bloom is a huge inspiration for not only the characters he plays on-screen, but for finding a way to live with his lifelong condition of dyslexia. Dyslexia is such a condition that greatly impacts the way one reads and in turn, learns. Dyslexia is a learning disability that affects one’s skills with language. One cannot read, spell or write properly; they find extremely difficulty when asked to perform tasks that are found to be simple by most people. The cause of dyslexia is unknown, but it is known that the brain develops and functions differently than most. What is truly inspiring here is that Orlando Bloom learned to live with his condition. Dyslexia (article:20 famous people with this condition) often impacted him academically, but that did not stop him from finding subjects that he loved.

Bloom found joy in the arts, such as pottery and photography, excelling greatly in those subjects. He was able to find something that he enjoyed, and poured his energy and inspiration into it. This is something that everyone should take note in: rather than letting the subjects or matter ground you, find something that allows you to soar above all else. For Bloom, it was the arts. His dyslexia impacted his ability to learn, but it has not impacted himself. Bloom propelled himself for success; he found his passion amongst the struggles he feels with his dyslexia.

Bloom sees his dyslexia as a “blessing” rather than a hindrance. He was only able to fully accept and deal with his dyslexia head on when he was in drama school. His mother would bribe him to read and write, to exercise his disability as much as he can, but he refused. Drama school, and his passion for acting made him feel comfortable enough to read out loud and tackle his disability directly. Drama and acting allowed him to become who he is without his dyslexia following him around like a ball and chain. He was able to break free from that, and build his identity without dyslexia being apart of it.

Bloom has had to learn to live with his disability; there is no cure. Because of the nature of dyslexia, Bloom is constantly reminded of it, but never gives it the power to overcome him. He serves as a spokesperson for the dyslexic community, and continues to inspire other people who have dyslexia, or are impacted by in some way. He encourages to never stop pursuing dreams, regardless of anything in your path. One with dyslexia must find a different way to accomplish what they want, and understand that nothing is ever impossible to do.

Author Bio: Leann Jeethan

Leann Jeethan is a recent English Literature graduate from Southern Ontario. She is a lover of all literature, and adores authors like Anthony Burguess, Mary Shelley and Bram Stoker. She spends most of her free time reading, writing and catching up on The Walking Dead.



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