Pharrell Williams: Idea Inspiration And Open-Minded Geniuses Video

In this audio (with video montage) Pharrell Williams talks the importance of being open-minded, whereby when first being open-minded people may see you as not cool, but eventually, these are the same people others look at as geniuses.

Pharrell also touches on how you must have high self-belief in the inspiration of your ideas, and when someone praises your idea, you need accept the fact that “yeah, it is THAT great” however not be so strong in the belief of the idea that you have deaf ears towards it, that you aren’t willing to listen to others and be ignorant. You need to be flexible, and not believe that there’s only one way it can happen. He says “there’s so many ways things can turn out.”

“If we would bet on ourselves, yet, at the same time, take into consideration, what this moment would mean 10 years from now, we could be different. But, listen, I haven’t made all the best decisions in the world either, I definitely fell on my ass a million times, but I learn on my way down” Pharrell Williams

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