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Top 10 Evan Spiegel Quotes: How The Snapchat Founder Used the...

What made Evan Spiegel, the founder of Snapchat, the youngest self-made billionaire was the ability to apply all of the opportunities, tools and privileges he got.

Top 10 Most Inspiring Sigmund Freud Quotes To Explore Deeper Within

Here are the 10 most inspiring quotes and influential perspectives regarding the remarkable discoveries and breakthroughs of Sigmund Freud. 

Amy Poehler Quotes: The Importance of Having Layers to Remove any...

Amy Poehler is funny and talented, but she also has so much depth, love, and wisdom to give which we can learn and understand from her most profound quotes.

Top 10 Abigail Spencer Quotes To Find Your Inner Peace

Abigail Spencer quotes to learn the inner workings that helped her that can help anyone; Failing often, being grateful, finding balance, and taking risks.

Top 10 Most Inspiring 6lack Quotes To Push Past The Pain

Let's dive in and take an inside view of the brain pickings of 6LACK's mind and how his powerful perspective allowed for his deepest desires to manifest.

Top 10 Kevin Bacon Quotes To Aim For Passion Over Money

Here are 10 quotes by the limitless actor Kevin Bacon who gives us a different version of what success is normally portrayed as.

The Real Reason Goals Are So Important – It’s Not What...

Instead of focusing on the desired outcome, focus on your individual "why", who you need to become, and what you'll need to do in the pursuit of that goal.

Thomas Paine, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson on Independence & Freedom

A document of words on a paper has little meaning, but true freedom lies in living what that document stands for to give it both credence and credibility.