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10 Quotes From Zendaya That Act as a Guide To Life

Zendaya proves to be wise beyond her years and has become a great role model for young children. Here are ten quotes from Zendaya that act as a guide to life.

This Helen Martineau Quote Will Help You Understand The True Importance...

We breakdown this Helen Martineau quote about preparing ourselves in each moment in order to live a fulfilling life, which is always referred back to the present.

14 Jason Molina Quotes To Help You Understand Your Passions

To reignite, or to nurture your artistic and creative pursuits, here are 14 quotes from Jason Molina to help assess your passion.

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe Quote That Explains How Together We Are...

"Kindness is the golden chain by which society is bound together." - Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe A society bound together with kindness, is a society...

25 Jennifer Lawrence Quotes that Show Humanity and Empathy

From these quotes Jennifer Lawrence shows her empowering beliefs, positive self worth and most importantly, her ability to be exactly who she is.

10 Will Smith Quotes to Conquer Your Fears

Here are the 10 greatest Will Smith quotes about disregarding plan b's and being realistic, breaking past fear and living for a grander mission. 

10 Brilliant David Suzuki Quotes To Empower Your Purpose

A man who loves the natural beauty we are blessed to live in, & the world we take for granted, David Suzuki has used his intellect & passion to help the planet.

Understanding This One Van Gogh Quote Will Allow You To Achieve...

We rarely ever do anything truly great without having taken a series of much smaller, perhaps even somewhat insignificant, almost imperceptible steps along the way.

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