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Top 10 Quotes By Ken Kesey That Helped Launch the Hippie...

These 10 quotes from author Ken Kesey will give you vast insight on how to channel your rebellious non-conforming side into art.

Top 10 Betty White Quotes That Prove Quitting Is Never An...

Here are 10 inspirational Betty White quotes that are a reminder to always move forward and never quit when it comes to something you deeply desire.

Satirical Writer Kurt Vonnegut’s Near Death Experience Shaped His Greatest Work

Here are 20 quotes from Kurt Vonnegut to inspire writers, artists, scientists and humanists alike to allow the bumps be a sort of road map for the journey

A Closer Look At Earl Nightingale’s Quote About Changing Our Attitude

Our attitude is a representation of our mental state, or belief, or lack thereof, regarding all that's possible for us in the world

How Self-Taught Scientist Michael Faraday Found His Education and Path Before...

Here are 15 quotes from Michael Faraday that underlies his simple approach to success and how you don't need to be the best at everything.

The Top 10 Eazy-E Quotes To Think Like A Hustler And...

These highly motivating Eazy-E quotes will promote you to be revolutionary in your ways and push the envelope against the norms.

10 Brendon Urie Quotes For Never Letting Anything Get In The...

From these Brendon Urie quotes, you'll see the benefits of not letting the obstacles get in the way of your passion doing what you love most.

10 Ian Somerhalder Quotes to Strive for Greater Possibilities

Here are 10 inspiring quotes from Ian Somerhalder that are reminders to keep striving for more and directly impacting the world around you.

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