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Inspiring quotes of universally famous people. The words of wisdom of the highly successful.

10 Carrie Brownstein Quotes To Spark Your Truest Creativity

Carrie Brownstein is one of the coolest people on the planet. At 42 she has found success in two wildly ground breaking and trail blazing pursuits.

Celia Cruz Quotes & How To Enjoy The Sweetness Of Life...

With Celia Cruz's bright charisma and electrifying soulful voice, she became a symbol of artistic freedom for Cuban American exiles’.

An Eric Hoffer Quote About How We See Ourselves Through Others

What words might others be using that would have us believing what they say versus what we say we believe about what's possible?

Jillian Michaels’ Top 10 Most Inspiring Quotes

Jillian Michael's connection with her audience was born from her personal journey toward happiness as an overweight child who made a big transformation.

24 Words of Encouragement By Historical Women To Bring Positivity Into...

These are examples of women who have historically defied the odds and have endured countless obstacles on their paths to success.

Og Mandino’s Quote About Finding Yourself In A Library

A suicidal Og Mandigno applied the lessons he learned from the books he read. It was not what he read, but the application of what he read that changed everything.

Our Candle Loses Nothing When It Lights Another.

What happens when we light the candle of another with a little bit of encouragement? At a minimum, their world becomes a little brighter.

Breaking Down Muhammad Ali’s Quote “Champions Aren’t Made In Gyms”

Champions aren't made in the trenches, at gyms, or in boardrooms, they are made from that thing deep, deep, inside.

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