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Top 10 Keri Russell Quotes That Showcase The Power of Transformation

We need to break free from our past that no longer defines us, and chart new territory. These Keri Russell quotes will help us open our minds to new directions.

An Aldous Huxley Quote About How To Gain True Education

In a highly demanding, fast paced, now-focused world, we have to choose on what and where, to focus our efforts and energy.

10 Thomas Paine Quotes To Overcome Conflict And Reach Triumph

While Thomas Paine’s ideas were different from the adopted theories and beliefs of those living within society, he did not shy away from them but challenged truth.

Top 10 Gal Gadot Quotes To Inspire You To Be Versatile...

Gal Gadot is the new Wonder Woman and is an inspiring individual for her role and what it represents, but also for her empowered characteristics and inner mindset.

Zinedine Zidane: Relentless Practice is the Only Way to Learn

This quote by Zidane shows why his success is result of his outlook on achievement tied with practical goals and his obsessive commitment to his passion.

10 Inspiring Elon Musk Quotes to Spark Active Pursuit of Your...

This is the top 10 list of the most inspiring Elon Musk quotes to make you think humongous, aspire to evolve, and be as limitless as you could ever dream.

10 John F. Kennedy Quotes that Resonate to this Day

Ten quotes of John F. Kennedy - on his 100 birthday, 54 years after his death, how what he stood for still resonates with us, like an eternal flame

Anthony Bourdain Quotes: Passion for Food and Lust for Life Inspires...

Anthony Bourdain is a smart risk-taker; he never imperils himself or anyone but firmly lives on the edge because this is where he is most comfortable.

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