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Inspiring quotes of universally famous people. The words of wisdom of the highly successful.

25 Pieces Of Wisdom From Honest Ed Mirvish

Honest Ed Mirvish was a successful entrepreneur, beloved impresario, philanthropist and an immigrant who transformed his first small businesses into an empire.

Top 15 Quotes To Seize Opportunities

These quotes will encourage you to jump on opportunities that align with who you are and give you wings to trust your intuition rather than let fear stop you.

Shay Mitchell Gives 29 Life Tips All Girls Should Know Before...

The Pretty Little Liars star just turned 29 early this year, and in an interview with Cosmopolitan, she offers life lessons for girls.

Top 10 George Michael Quotes To Free Your Soul

The late George Michael was a remarkable artist whose legacy will always remind us of being courageous in life. These quotes reflect his creativity and boldness.

Top 10 Tupac Quotes To Elevate Your Mind

These extremely inspiring Tupac quotes will motivate you to impact the world around you while empowering you to live a purpose driven life that stands fro something.

Top 10 Ezekiel Elliott Quotes To Reach Greatness

These Ezekiel Elliott quotes will boost your self-confidence mindset and enable you to push through any adversity along the way.

Top 10 Skepta Quotes To Reshift Your Perspective

These stimulating Skepta quotes will raise your social awareness to think of the bigger picture, not just for yourself but for how you can contribute to humanity.

Top 10 M.I.A. Quotes To Embrace Your Uniqueness

These thought provoking M.I.A. quotes will challenge you to be the more true to yourself and re-examine who you really are deep below the surface.

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