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25 Bob Marley Quotes That Will Awaken You

Bob Marley was not only a legend in the music industry, but in the human rights movement, in creativity, in the peace movement, and...

10 Most Inspiring Desiigner Quotes

This is the ultimate list of inspiring Desiigner quotes about staying humble, living your dreams, and being limitless in your craft.

The 10 MOST Inspiring Kevin Spacey Quotes

The ultimate list of the MOST inspiring Kevin Spacey quotes which will shake up your universe to find your true and real inner desires.

9 Inspiring Quotes by Female Soccer Legend #9 Mia Hamm

Image: Creative Commons: www.wikipedia.com   Mia Hamm is one of the greatest female soccer legends of all time, let alone, one of the most successful female athletes...

Danica Patrick’s 5 Quotes Of Wisdom

Danica Patrick is pure inspiration for breaking limits and stereotypes alike. Rather than let the barriers of the past define her destiny, she decided to put her fate in her own hands and change the game completely. She became the first female Indy winner, here's her wisdom.

The Top 10 Most Inspiring Brad Pitt Quotes

The most motivating Brad Pitt quotes to energize your spirit and imprint your mind with the belief that anything and everything is possible if you believe in it.

18 Connor Mcdavid Quotes About Hockey, Passion And Pressure

NHL prodigy Connor Mcdavid is proving he is the next Wayne Gretzky and these 18 quotes show why his humble, poised and passionate ways will make him that great.

Why Listening Is Primarily An Activity Of The Mind & Not...

Skillful listening demands the ability to stay focused, resist distractions, and somehow make a meaningful connection with the message being communicated.