Robert De Niro

Born: August 17, 1943, New York, US | Successful For: Actor, Director | Zodiac Sign: Leo

Robert De Niro

Inner Keys to Success:

  • WHAT ARE YOU INTUITIVELY DRAWN TO: Robert De Niro was born to parents who were both artists, it was already in his blood to be creative. His parents were known as the “golden couple” in the New York art scene before they got divorced. As De Niro would live with his mom growing up, his past-time bonding with his father would often be at the theatres where De Niro would become inspired by the big screen. As his mother worked part-time, her compensation included free acting classes for her son, and consequently at the young age of 10, De Niro had his first acting gig in the Wizard of Oz as the Cowardly Lion. De Niro is an intuitive actor, as he states “I always tell actors when they go in for an audition: Don’t be afraid to do what your instincts tell you. You may not get the part, but people will take notice.”
  • DO SOME SOUL-SEARCHING AND THEN MAKE A REAL DECISION: Even though De Niro was first enrolled in an arts school as a youngster, he found it too intense and quickly opted out to instead attend public school. Years later, before Robert De Niro made the decision that acting was what he wanted to do for a living, he went on a trip to California to meet relatives where he did some soul searching. He then came back with his mind made up, whereby he decided to drop out of high school, and study acting. He states the reason for the decision; “Acting is a cheap way to do things that you would never dare to do yourself.”  This one decision changed his life, if he didn’t make a real decision to himself that he wanted to go into acting, he would’ve not become the genius actor we know his as today. De Niro appreciates the road as it all led to his decision to act. “I think it’s important to have had at least a few years of obscurity, where people treat you like everybody else.”
  • MASTER YOUR ART, USE YOUR SURROUNDING AS INSPIRATION: Robert De Niro is highly known for his many portrayals as a mobster, however this wasn’t by coincidence. In his teens, De Niro joined an Italian street gang whereby he got the nickname “Bobby Milk” for his pasty skin, and even though the young successor wasn’t that rebellious, the mentality he learned there proved to aid him in the many roles he would become critically acclaimed for (great people use life events as inspiration). De Niro was later trained by the great Stella Alder (a highly strict teacher) who also taught the likes of Marlon Brando. He was a top-notch student that Alder even states he was one of the best students she had ever had. “When I was 15, 16, I studied with Stella Adler at the Conservatory of Acting, then I stopped again and went to the Actors Studio when I was 18. De Niro threw his whole self into the art of acting, and was willing to go the distance. “There is a certain combination of anarchy and discipline in the way I work.” This mentality, along with his mothers support (who used his “education funds” for his “acting career”) allowed him to go the distance. He would always go above and beyond, instead of bringing in face shots for auditions, he’d bring in around 25 different disguised photos to separate himself from the rest.

Robert De Niro

“Time goes on. So whatever you’re going to do, do it. Do it now. Don’t wait.” – Robert De Niro

Inspiring Fact:

Robert De Niro puts 100% in everything he does, before starring in the hit movie Taxi Driver, he literally worked twelve hour days for an entire month driving taxis just to prepare for the role. Given the nature of the movie, De Niro also studied mental illness. De Niro is such a “go-getter” that he’s often acting in various movies throughout a single year, in 2011 he was 68 years of age, and the man was in four movies. He has starred in a massive 90 films.


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