The 10 Most Inspiring Russell Brand Quotes

One of the most outspoken celebrities who is lately known more for his revolutionary  personality is comedian Russell Brand. The multi-talented brit is an actor, radio host, author, and activist who has more recently devoted himself to the later of the list. Russell Brand is the definition of standing strong and speaking up for exactly what you believe in even if the entire world doesn’t quite understand or agree with your bold beliefs. Some of the most critical issues to him involve climate change, media bias, and corporate capitalism. The non-conforming public campaigner encourages people to question including everything from our very existence to our society’s structures.

This powerful list of Russell Brand quotes will hopefully awaken your spirit to really get you outside of the bubble to have a widened perspective.

10 Inspirational Russell Brand Quotes


“No-one really feels self-confident deep down because it’s an artificial idea. Really, people aren’t that worried about what you’re doing or what you’re saying, so you can drift around the world relatively anonymously: you must not feel persecuted and examined. Liberate yourself from that idea that people are watching you.” – Russell Brand



“Be led by your talent, not by your self-loathing; those other things you just have to manage.” – Russell Brand



“You’re all beautiful, both inside and out. You mustn’t worry about anything; nothing is important except finding love within yourself and being all honourable and glorious and beautiful. Take things dead slowly ’cause nothing you can attain externally has value, only that which is within yourself already is valuable.” – Russell Brand


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“I regret that I didn’t realize that actually they’ve got no power over you at school — it’s all just a trick to indoctrinate you into being a conditioned, tame, placid citizen. Rebel children, I urge you, fight the turgid slick of conformity with which they seek to smother your glory.” – Russell Brand



“As long as we prioritize material truths over spiritual truths we will live in tyranny because we are living an illusion” – Russell Brand


“We continue to be spilled on by consumerism even though we know it doesn’t make us happy.” – Russell Brand



“How we treat the vulnerable is how we define ourselves as a species.” – Russell Brand


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“People don’t realize that the future is just now, but later.” – Russell Brand



“Everyone has their own mantra.” – Russell Brand



“The right to free speech is important but it isn’t as important as ‘we’re all human beings together, let’s find solutions together.'” – Russell Brand


Bonus Russell Brand Quote:

“The only Revolution that can really change the world is the one in your own consciousness, and mine has already begun.” – Russell Brand

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