Shay Mitchell Gives 29 Life Tips All Girls Should Know Before 30

Fan of Pretty Little Liars? Then you probably know the talented and beautiful Shay Mitchell, who plays the lesbian character Emily Fields on the show. She is an actress that also owns her own Youtube Channel that is titled after her name, Shay Mitchell. Shay Mitchell is very active on all of her social media accounts, which include Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. She also co-authored a realistic fiction novel titled “Bliss” with her good friend Michaela Blaney.

The Pretty Little Liars star just turned 29 early this year, and in an interview with Cosmopolitan, she offers life lessons for girls. She says that these are things that ALL girls should know before they turn 30.

#1: Nobody actually knows what the f**k they are doing – Life experiences come from trying to figure it all out. Don’t stress if your career or personal life isn’t going the way you wanted it to; just enjoy the ride!

#2: The world is NOT a big, scary place. Ok, big, yes, but not scary. It is exciting and waiting for YOU to explore it! Shay Mitchell travelled a lot during her 20s and the people she met during her travels have changed her so much.

#3: Tell your parents I LOVE YOU. In your 20s, they will become your friends, confidants, and sounding boards; even more than when you were growing up. Also, if this applies to you, apologize to them for being a bitch during those high school years.

#4: It is OK to say no. Do not give in to pressure from friends, coworkers, and the media if you don’t feel like it.

#5: Find new hobbies: It is SUPER important to get out of your comfort zone and try things you don’t usually do.

#6: Don’t force friendships. Some friends will stick around and others won’t. And this is OK.

#7: Stop worrying. It is not worth it. As long as your are active and doing at least SOMETHING that is making you happy and comfortable, that is all that matters.

#8: There is a difference between being angry and being cruel. Anger is a natural, normal feeling. Cruelty is almost never necessary. It will usually end up hurting you in the end.

#9: Life is weird.

#10: LOVE YOURSELF. It is really hard to find self loves, but no one can love you until you truly love yourself.

#11: Sometimes you won’t be able to party like you used to.

#12: One bad decision is not the end of your life. Just learn from them!

#13: DO NOT compare yourself to other people!

#14: The small stuff DOES matter. That low-paying job that is not your dream job that you have right now WILL get you to the places that you eventually want to go if you let it.

#15: Take some time for yourself every once in a while.

#16: STOP COMPLAINING. Happiness and everything that comes along with it is up to you. If you don’t like something in your life then DO SOMETHING to change it!

#17: TRAVEL! Sometimes a trip to a far away land will bring you the clarity and meaning in your life you have been searching for.

#18: KEEP LEARNING. If you want to be successful in life, you have to keep educating yourself.

#19: You can’t please everyone. Do not be a people pleaser and just aim to please yourself first. If you are happy and proud of the person you are and what you have accomplished when you go to sleep, that is all that matters!

#20: Don’t judge people. Everyone has their own story; just try your best to be understanding of others.

#21: Sometimes ditch the heels and wear the flats.

#22: Don’t buy crap you don’t need. Ask yourself Do I really need this? If yes, then go for it; if no, then save your money and spend it on something that’s worth it.

#23: EXERCISE REGULARLY! It keeps your mood and energy up.


#25: Make your own doctor’s’ appointments! HEALTH IS WEALTH.

#26: Keep lists and calendars on your phone. Organization is the key to life.

#27:  Learn to cook for yourself (as well as others)

#28: Everything happens for a reason.

#29: Life WILL continue to get better. The best has yet to come!

These quotes are SUPER inspirational and I plan on following them. How about you? How did you find these quotes? Did any of them strike some special inspiration within you?

Author: Sandy Chiu


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