Steve Harvey on Jimmy Fallon: Unlock Your Gift To Reach Success

On Jimmy Fallon, Steve Harvey passionately explained his belief as to what makes someone successful. He says that everyone has a god given gift, and you HAVE TO unlock that to allow for your greatest chances of success. He believes this so much that he wrote a book on it where he believes it will help people unlock their gift. Steve Harvey says “I’ve flunked out of college, i’ve got two divorces, I lived in a car for three years, I was homeless, I’ve been in every economic stage you can be at, so I know how to share that information, if I had this book, when I came out of college, I would have made it a long time ago.”

Steve Harvey tells Jimmy Fallon that he believes although everyone has a gift to unlock, the average person never understands this!

“Anybody can learn the principles of success, and once you identify your god given gift, that’s your greatest chance for success, but the average person never understands that. They die with their gift in their backpack as a parachute, and they die on the cliff, never opening their parachute. That’s a mistake, god put a gift in every last one of us.


Purchase his book “Act Like A Success, Think Like A Success: Discovering Your Gift, And The Way to Life’s Riches” here:


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