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Chris Brown “Snipes” Motivational Video About Creativity

This Snipes commercial features Chris Brown as he discredits money and power and explains how life is about creativity and how it turns pain into something beautiful.

The Top 10 MOST Inspiring Chris Brown Quotes

This is the ultimate list of Chris Brown quotes to inspire you to imagine the life of your dreams and give you the belief system to attract it into your world.

Chris Brown Feat. Benny Benassi – Beautiful People(Official Video)

Chris Brown and Benny Benassi get together for this high spirited jam that makes any day feel like a blessing and really gets the serotonin going!

Chris Brown Inspires Fan

A very powerful letter is written by a fan to Chris Brown who shares some very enlightening insight. He describes how he was inspired by Chris' ability to self learn music and how he was able to bounce back from hitting rock bottom.